Free PADI Distinctive Specialty

For the Liquivision Xeo is now available

Liquivision is very pleased to announce the Xeo Dive Computer Distinctive Specialty Course, now available through the PADI Pro Website.

The purpose of the PADI Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer Specialty Diver Course is to educate scuba divers on the proper use of the Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer. Dive computers are an integral part of every scuba diver’s gear set. In fact, it is hard to imagine a diver choosing not to use a dive computer today. Dive computers have become more reliable and much more sophisticated than they were twenty five years ago, but have divers kept up with the technological advances in today’s dive computers?

The Liquivision Xeo is the most affordable color Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) dive computer designed for air, nitrox and trimix divers of all levels. Its highly readable display, intuitive tap interface and ease of use make it a great computer to teach with.

Application Process

If you are experienced in this area, you may qualify to teach the Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer Distinctive Specialty. Apply to your PADI Regional Headquarters using Method 3 on the Specialty Instructor Course Application. You can download the outlines by navigating to PADI's Pros Website where you can find it under Training Essentials --> Curriculum --> Diver Training --> Specialties and look for “Product-specific PADI distinctive specialty outlines”.


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