The Liquivision Xen Freediving Computer:
Free Your Mind.

At last, bright color OLED display technology is available in an affordable computer built by a top freediver for freedivers!

Find out more why the Xen is the one and only freediving computer Herbert Nitsch chose for his 800ft world record attempt!


  • Ultra-Readable OLED display even in complete darkness
  • Each value on the screen is individually color-customizable
  • Intuitive tap-based menu navigation
  • Designed by a top Freediver, used by top Freedivers
  • Dive logging at four times per second & ultra precise graphing
  • Only freediving computer advanced freediving decompression calculation to avoid decompression sickness
  • Integrated dive planner to plan nitrox deco after deep dives
  • User-Changeable disposable and rechargeable battery
  • Resettable stopwatch
  • Visual alarms
  • Rated to a depth of 200m (656 ft)

Read through our Specifications to find our more about the featuers of the Xen Freediving Computer

Dive Enlightened Xen

Xen Freediving Computer

  • The Xen retails for $525 CAD
  • Availability: IN STOCK
  • If you wish to switch between Scuba Gauge software and Freediving software on your Xen, you MUST buy a PC Interface.

Xen for $525 USD

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