The Liquivision Xen bottom timer:
Free Your Mind.

At last, bright color OLED display technology is available in an affordable computer built by a top freediver for freedivers!


Ultra-Readable Display

The light-emitting display with a 170 degree viewing angle means that you can read your computer when your arms are extended – without breaking your streamline! No more need to bring your arm next to your face, or to press the backlight activation button.

The OLED is readable in all conditions: in total darkness at 100m or in poor visibility at 10m. The display is set at an angle on your wrist for easy viewing. Also, the color of each piece of information on the screen is individually customizable, offering you the option to color-code key data (like depth or time) for instant recognition. Finally, you can choose among three different display layouts, adjusting the unit to your needs.

The easy access to your depth and dive time information allows you to ‘free your mind’ and concentrate on relaxing, equalizing, catching fish, or just enjoying yourself.

Intuitive Tap-Based Navigation

The Xen uses Liquivision’s innovative tap-based interaction, which makes extremely easy to navigate through menus and select your dive settings. No more need to memorize complicated button-push sequences to access the information you need!

Designed by a Top Freediver

The Xen is designed by Eric Fattah, former World Record holder, current North American Constant Weight record holder and author of the Frenzel-Fattah equalization technique. Unlike most dive computer companies, that simply add a freediving mode to a scuba computer, Liquivision started with freediving in mind when it built the original F1 in 2005. The Xen takes everything we’ve learned about dive computers, packs tons of relevant freediving features, and delivers them in an affordable package.

Dive Logging & Graphing

The Liquivision Xen can sample and log depth four times per second, allowing ultra precise graphing of dives - precise enough to see every stroke when diving without fins, and often precise enough to see every monofin stroke as well. Dive graphs are visible in high resolution directly on the unit or can be downloaded onto your PC or Mac for further analysis. This is important information to track your dive and training progress.

The Xen offers a huge dive log memory, about 4200 freedives at 1 sample per second or 1050 freedives at 4 samples per second (assuming 2 minutes per dive).

Decompression Warnings

Decompression illness is a risk with repetitive long or deep dives, or with fast ascents. The Liquivision Xen is the first freediving computer ever to incorporate a decompression warning based on the ascent rate. For more information about the decompression calculations in the Xen please read the Xen Quickstartguide.

User-Changeable Battery

The Liquivision Xen uses a lithium battery that is easily changed by the user in seconds. It also has a “hot-swap” feature that allows the unit to remain on for several seconds as the battery is being changed. This means that user settings, date and time of day are not lost during battery changes.
In addition to the standard disposable battery it is also possible to use rechargeable batteries with your Xen.

Resettable Stopwatch

The Xen also incorporates a resettable stopwatch to time static breath holds or warm-ups.

Xen Freediving Functionality:

  • Bold font with large numbers
  • Displays dive depth, time and temperature
  • Each value on the screen is individually color-customizable
  • Three modes to choose from: life deco, manual deco, gauge mode
  • Advanced freediving decompression calculation to avoid decompression sickness
  • Integrated dive planner to plan nitrox deco after deep dives
  • Three levels of conservatism for deco calculations
  • Capable of depth logging at 4 samples per second
  • Depth graphs show every stroke for monofin & no fins diving
  • Surface interval in minutes & seconds
  • 35 hours of dive logging at 4 samples/second
    (about 1050 dives) or
  • 140 hours of dive logging at 1 sample/second
    (about 4200 dives)
  • Resettable stopwatch
  • Visual alarms
  • Imperial/Metric settings
  • Battery voltage display
  • User replaceable disposable or rechargeable battery
  • - PC Interface sold separately here
    - PC Interface software available here

Hardware Specs:

  • Full-color OLED display
  • 170 degree readability/viewing angle
  • Readable in complete darkness
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • User-changeable battery (For battery details, please click here)
  • Rated to a depth of 200m (656 ft)
  • Dimensions: 2.5”x 2.2”x 1.5” (6.4 x 5.5 x 3.8 cm)
  • CE certified (EN 13319, EN 61000)


  • Depth-compensating strap

Sold Separately:

  • Mac OSX & Windows compatible PC Interface
Dive Enlightened Xen

Xen Freediving Computer

  • The Xen retails for $525 CAD
  • Availability: IN STOCK
  • If you wish to switch between Scuba Gauge software and Freediving software on your Xen, you MUST buy a PC Interface.

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