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X1 Feedback

From Tino de Rijk, winner of an X1 at Eurotek 2010:

I wrote a short review a few months ago. But so far didn’t take it diving (I am not a big cold water lover - and Holland IS cold in winter - probably like Canada).

Anyway: did 4 dives with it last week, and LOVED it. I was surprised at 4 points:
- the incredible bright screen, even at medium brightness. Not  such a big surprise, but still better than I imagined.
- the easiness of the tap-interface, even with 5 mm gloves. I was admittedly afraid for that, having had bad experiences with other brand computers with tap interfaces before - but this one simply works!
- the quality of the software, and logical, natural user interface in divemode (I use Multideco-X1). Especially switching to/from OC bailout (I’m a CCR diver) is so much easier than my previous computer.
- the size. Because it is so small, it sits nicely relatively high above my drysuit wristseals while still being very visible from the corner of my eye. The huge angle of vision certainly helps in that respect as well.

So all in all, I am a happy camper!


Craig Challen Testimonial from Record Dive

Craig Challen and team recently dove the Pearse River resurgence in Kahurangi National Park. He reached 194m during a 9 hour dive, and broke the Australasian record. He says:

I used two Liquivision X1s on my recent dive to 194 metres in the Pearse Resurgence, South Island, New Zealand. Throughout the 9 hour runtime they performed flawlessly. The visibility of the display in cave diving conditions is excellent and the information available on the home screen is ideal, with further information easily accessed if necessary via the menu.

Using dry gloves and with the handsets from twin rebreathers, “arm real estate” was at a premium, and for this reason the small size and robustness of the Liquivisions was greatly appreciated.

For some time now the X1 has been my computer of choice and I continue to be impressed with them. I have no hesitation in recommending them for technical diving in general and deep cave diving in particular.




More Feedback on Liquivision Customer Service

From a thread on Rebreatherworld forum:

Great customer service Liquivision (June 2, 2010)

While diving on Innerspace at Cobalt Coast my X1 (still under warranty) went completely black on me. […] Back at home, I’ve sent an email and within two hours I had a response.
Emilie Hiob send me a diagnostic software, which I used for check up of my X1. I send the results back and went to sleep. The same night Liquivision send me response saying that […] the replacement unit is ready for shipment, as soon as I provide them with the address where I want me new X1 to arrive. In the process, I got a free upgrade for the newest hardware version - my original unit was older version with only single depth sensor.
As much as I was not happy about initial failure, everything after was a very pleasant experience greatly due to Ms Hiob. THX, Emilie!
Tomek (RZEP17)

Re: Great customer service Liquivision  (June 2, 2010) 

Their customer service kicks ass, no doubt.
Tony (Tienuts)

Re: Great customer service Liquivision (June 3, 2010)

yes really good customer service!!!!

Had a crack in the glass, and four days after i contacted Liquivision, the new x1 arrived in Austria (anton610)

Re: Great customer service Liquivision (December 1, 2010) 

I can only confirm that their support rocks!
I had also a flash chip failure after two years, Emilie was very responsive and a new unit is already under way! GREAT

And I have ordered a second unit as back up!(teddy 2005)


Review of X1 computer by Tino de Rijk

Let me introduce myself: I am the lucky bastard that won a sexy X1 divecomputer at the EuroTek 2010 diving conference in Birmingham. YYESSS!The folks at Liquivision asked me to write a bit about my first impressions with it, so here goes.

Maybe first some background about me, so you can put my comments and observations in context. I live in Holland, am 54 years old, dive since I am 16 years, so a looooong time.

I switched to diving CCR rebreathers in 1998, diving (and still diving!) Inspiration rebreathers, which to rebreather diving standards is also a long time (in fact, if I am to believe some cynical statistics from an infamous observer, I should have been dead by now….). I hold several instructor qualifications with CMAS and IANTD, which I will not bore you with here.

My first computer was a Suunto SME-ML, I guess some 20 years ago or so. It was a revolution at that time. Later on I switched to Uwatec’s when I started with Nitrox. I still have my good old blue Uwatec Nitrox computer around, as I can’t get myself to sell it: it served me too well. (See…? I’m an emotional idiot!). I doubt it will raise more than 50 euro anyway…

When I started with rebreathers, I first had an APD Nexus computer. It was one of the first to support a CCR, i.e. allowing the use of an O2 setpoint instead of an O2 percentage. When I embarked on Trimix CCR diving (around 1999), I switched to the almost only contender at that time in the market, the VR3. I still have one, although it might start collecting dust when I switch to the X1.

 I also sit in a working party in Holland, together with some medical specialists, to assess the developments in the market around deco models (Buhlmann, DCIEM, VPM, RGBM, etc.), so have a keen interest and probably slightly larger than average knowledge in deco-computers and deco models.

My computer hardware interest is also triggered by my daytime job: I am an IT infrastructure architect for a very big online bank. So I also look at all of these developments with an IT interest.

 Enough about me.

 Soooooo…… the X1. I saw one for the first time when my friend Kees Hofwegen (author of the GAP decoprogram) showed me one of the early prototypes some 2 years ago. I was immediately impressed, especially with the quality of the display. I have a serious love/hate relationship with my VR3 in that area, as the monochrome display is quite hard to read, and the color display (my wife has one) eats batteries, as it is really only readable with the backlight constantly on.

Add to that my 54-year old eyes (yes, I have reading-glass inserts in my diving mask), and reading info from a small low-contrast can become a serious challenge. And what is info worth in a stress situation if you cannot easily read it..? So to me the display, combined with the small size, is THE key differentiator of the X1 compared with other, older dive computers (I realize there are more OLED-driven computers around now that also look good; I have no personal experience with them, so no comments on them here).

As to the tap-interface: my APD Nexus also had one, and it didn’t work very good, so initially I had my reservations. But at least on the surface it works as planned on the X1: fast and reliable. I haven’t dive it yet, so will report back on that later. I am very curious to the handling with cold hands and thick gloves. Holland is a cold water country.

 Next choice to be made was the software to load onto it. I opted for Ross Hemingway’s Multideco-X1, for various reasons:

-       it supports both Bulhmann-GF and VPM, and also “sliding ceilings” (or, in X1 “speak”: direct ceilings). This is the same system my Inspiration Vision has, so should fit & match it fine.

-       It allows me to play around with VPM, as I have little experience with that model in practice. In fact it will allow me to monitor the difference between the two models side-by-side live during the dive, which is quite cool.

-       I know Kees Hofwegen and love & use his GAP desktop software (although I use Vplanner as well, and consider that very solid software too), but the GAP-X1 version so far only has the Buhlmann-GF model, and also only supports the X1 up to the version 4 hardware. As soon as Kees will incorporate RGBM as well, and starts supporting the latest X1 hardware, I will probably test-drive both, and then make up my mind.

o   This, by the way, is the beauty of an “Open Hardware Platform” model like the X1: if you don’t like your software, and/or want another deco model: just switch to another vendor, and you’re done! I like it!

-       Ross also offers Vplanner Live, but the price difference between that package and MultiDeco-X1 is only small, and for that price difference I get my Bulhmann-GF model as well, so that to me is a no-brainer.

 I was a bit hesitant and fearful of having to install drivers, upload the firmware, etc. Even though I am an experienced IT guy, I have seen “driver install hell” from close up. To complicate things further, I run an Apple Mac, so I had to install the installer package for MultiDeco on a Windows XP virtual machine, running under VMware Fusion for the Mac. But: all my fears were unneeded: the install went without a single glitch. Much kudos to Ross for documenting every step in the process very well, and a beautiful no-nonsense all-in-one wizard-like installer program. It even installs the needed USB drivers from within the installer program: a first that I have never seen done before. Quite clever, and avoiding problems for the less computer native people.

The log download software also works without a glitch (although there was nothing to download yet, other than the serial number).

 Due to a very busy period in my working life, I haven’t dived my X1 yet, but played many hours with it instead, and a.o. used the very nice built-in simulator to see how things would look like and act during a dive. So far I am impressed.

What I especially like is the easiness to switch to bailout settings. After all, for me that is one of the most important features of a 2nd computer. Let me explain. My Inspiration Vision has built-in Bulhmann-GF deco software as well, so will probably still act as my main computer, a.o. because it uses the real measured PO2 (coming from the onboard cells) instead of a fixed pre-set PO2. Personally I am not a fan of hardwired hooking up my 2nd computer to my Inspo for various reasons I will not go into here now. Let’s sum it up as: in case of shit, I want a TOTALLY independent system, not semi-independent, and I do not want to complicate and guarantee-violate the HW configuration of my Inspo. Personal preference, I know, and very much up to debate, but this is my personal choice. (Also, I didn’t win also the PO2 interface anyway…. J).

 So my emergency scenario is as follows:

-       I will dive my Inspo Vision, and follow its deco, and crosscheck it regularly with my X1, as both should be very, very close (both Bulhmann-GF, both sliding/direct ceilings).
This crosscheck feature is already an advantage. With my VR3 the difference between the Inspiration and the VR3 is too big to be useful for this purpose, as the algorithms used are too different (and, in the case of the VR3, undocumented as to the details used).

-       If the sh*t ever hits the fan, I also assume the bailout-config of my Inspo Vision might or will be compromised, so my X1 will become the primary computer to support my OC bailout. This of course depends on the nature of the problem encountered, but let’s assume a worst-case full flood, also damaging the head with its electronics.

-       This is a stress situation, so you want to be able to no-nonsense witch to OC bailout settings as easy and quickly as possible: gasses to use, model to use, gradient factors to use. The Vision is also user-friendly in its switching to bailout, but my (admittedly older version) VR3 requires quite some button presses to get there, and has no independent gassets for CCR and OC bailout use (the newer versions might very well have: I don’t know).

o   I like the fact that the X1 allows for separate GF settings for dive and bailout. If you are in deep sh*t, you might very well decide to leave the water a.s.a.p., and as such accept more aggressive GF (or VPM conservatism) settings, as such accepting a higher chance of DCS. But I’m a firm believer of the “deco is treatable, drowning is not” mantra. I’d rather take my slightly higher chances on a tank treatment than having to stay in the water too long in e.g. strong currents and cold. So I will opt for GF settings in the range of 80/95 or so for bailout. Again: personal choice, personal risk assessment.

The X1 seems to do this all very well, as you enter all these settings upfront, with nice overview screens of all settings for both dive and bailout for a last check before you enter the water.   All in all: so far, so good. First impressions are important, and I like what I see so far.

As soon As I have dived my new toy, I will report back!


 Tino de Rijk.


Review of Liquivision By Eurotek 2010 Participant

A blog entry about us: Liquivision Dreams


A Great Reason To Want An X1

The X1 is particularly well suited to those divers who use reading glasses - or an artificial arm - to read their current dive computer! Photo by Johnny Lambert.



More Happy Customers...

Thank you Emilie,

It has been a great experience dealing with you in a difficult time for me, mid season diving hard, and I think your computer and customer support are outstanding.

Neal (July 7th, 2010)


Hi Emilie 

This has to be a record time for customer service.  Thank you.

Greig Jewell (July 5th, 2010) 


Thanks for the fantastic service. The new unit showed up today. Please feel free to use me as customer reference at anytime.
Nix (July 1st, 2010) 


I have owned 5 different dive computers in my dive career including the VR3.. Nothing even comes close the Liquivision.  Bravo to your engineers and your vision.   

Raphael Santore (June 14th, 2010)



Wow, what great service. I called Friday and got my replacement by Monday. I always bragged to divers how I love my X-1 and now I have a great testimony for liquivision. […]. Your greatness will be known. 


Russ Lusterman (June 8th, 2010) 



You guys rock !!  I got the replacement X-1 the day I was leaving for Florida for a week of cave diving (perfect timing).  I reloaded the software on the drive down, and hit the water ready to go.  Thanks for the excellent support.

Scott Walker (June 1st, 2010)


Thx for the outstanding customer service. 


Tomek (May 27th, 2010) 


Hi Emilie,

everything works fine now. I am really happy. Thank you for the good service provided.

Regards Karl (May 20th, 2010)


Hello Emilie,

got the X1 today!

all perfect, thanks for the great customer service!!!!!

Regards Anton (May 17th, 2010)


Hi Emilie,

The X1 has arrived safely today. Thank you very much for sorting this out for me. I’m a very happy Liquivision customer and will be telling everyone about the great service I have received! :-)

Have a lovely weekend,

Regards, Laura (May 10th, 2010)


Hi Emilie,

the new X1 arrived this morning. Many Thanks to you and the Liquivision-Team for this great support. The X1 passes the german customs without the least delay. :-))

Greetings from Berlin

Torsten (May 4th, 2010) 


Hello Emilie

I have also send devise to you. […] I must say that all this did go very nice. Super service you guys!

Smiling regards from Finland

-Jari (March 31st, 2010)


More Customer Feedback...

I want to first say that this is top notch customer service.  I have never been more satisfied with the quality service I have received.


Travis Howard (March 16th, 2010)


The word professionalism has a new meaning and I have no doubt that you will prosper as a company with this high standard of after sales service.

Thank you

Jose Martins (January 14th, 2010)


Thank you for your excellent customer service which backs up a superb product.

Best Regards,

Steve Harriss (October 19th, 2009)


Dear Emilie,

Transparency, honesty and the will of giving a superior product is what differentiate an excellent company form the others.

Keep the good work!!!


Valéry Bijani (October 15th, 2009)


I am impressed with your support! It’s a refreshing change to have a manufacturer that actually backs there product.


Joe Pascoe (October 8th, 2009)


Jerzy Blaszczyk, Polish Record Holder, on his X1

Jerzy Blaszczyk is leading the Infovide Matrix Diving Exploration of Sabak Ha caves from January 9-26 2010. The goal is to reach below the current known depth of 140m, possibly as deep as 200m. Jerzy will be using two Liquivision X1 computers on his dive. More information can be found at: http://www.deepexplorers.org/ (in Polish)

Jerzy comments on his X1:

I must say that I am in love with your computers!!! They are awesome, there is not the slightest thing I would change, and what I like the most is:
- the size
- the screen
- button-less navigation
- speed of ascent and descent in m/s
- floating ceilings deco


Customers Speak About X-Link Benefits

X1 users comment on the benefits of using an X1 & hardwired X-Link combination vs. other hardwired technical computers: