Third Party Software

The Liquivision X1 is truly revolutionary with its open platform for software. This enables leading deco software experts to develop software for the X1 and provides divers the opportunity to choose which software they prefer. This wrist top dive computer is also the first of its kind to be powerful enough to perform authentic PC based software calculations, with no approximations. To learn more about the software programs which are currently available for the Liquivision X1, please select from the list below. If you are interested in developing a new software program for the Liquivision X1, please contact us directly.

V-Planner Live

Software: V-Planner Live

Algorithm: VPM-B, VPM-B/E, VPM-B/FBO

Author: Ross Hemingway, HHS Software



Details: V-Planner Live brings genuine VPM-B and B/E to the X1, using the world’s most popular decompression algorithms and techniques. It gives the diver true VPM-B ascent limits, continuously recalculated every few seconds by the powerful X1 CPU, in a complete dive computer decompression model.

It’s capable of OC and CCR, fixed PO2 or the X-Link PO2 input, trimix, nitrox, all types of tech dives, and can produce simple NDL dives too. It has a 10 gas mix table for OC and CCR and 10 bailout mix table options.

CCR includes 2 extra bailout plans, both computing concurrently with alternate model settings for faster bailout and separate stop levels and TTS predictions.

V-Planner Live uses a clever design to keep the most pertinent information displayed for the tech diver, and also includes a large text mode for older eyes.

It’s backed up by our extensive 10,000+ dive database that continues to grow from direct uploads every day. Also available is a free dive log manager and graph program, to retain and view the comprehensive dive log information. Program includes optional direct feedback integration to DAN’s research and PDE monitoring programs.

Free regular updates to keep your X1 software current. Program includes many adjustable options and features tools like: digital compass, dive simulator and dive planning with gas consumption predictions, configure extended stops, or control ceilings and last stop depths, a stopwatch, bookmarks, dive check lists and much more.

The program can transfer data with our wide range of other V-Planner programs running on Mac’s, PC’s, Mobiles, iPhones and more.


Software: MultiDeco-X1

Algorithm: VPM-B and Buhlmann-GF

Author: HHS Software Corp.



Details: MultiDeco-X1 brings the best of both bubble and dissolved gas decompression models to the X1! On the bubble model side, MultiDeco-X1 provides true VPM-B ascent profiles. MultiDeco-X1 also implements the Gradient Factor dissolved gas model. Bringing the best of both bubble and dissolved gas models in one package – MultiDeco-X1!

MultiDeco-X1 capabilities:

  • OC or CCR
  • 3 concurrently running dive plans that provide ascent information based on any of the the decompression methods or settings chosen.
  • Unparalleled dive flexibility! Change between plans (and back), change decompression settings or methods.
  • Nitrox and trimix with up to 10 predefined gases for easy access.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • X-Link interface for PO2 monitoring.
  • Dive planning and a dive simulator.
  • User defined checklists.
  • Multiply dive screen views to look at different dive information - as specified by the diver!
  • Digital compass.
  • Free dive logging program on the desktop to upload and share dives.
  • 80+ page user manual.
  • Updates free.