Trygons Nose Clip – The Nose Clip You Have Been Waiting For!

Perfect hold – so you never have to worry about your noseclip slipping during a critical moment in a competition.

Perfect fit – the indented shape allows you to place the clip higher up your nose than a round nose clip, so it stays put and feels ultra-comfortable.

As thirty-time World Record holder Herbert Nitsch put it “I don’t have to bother about my nose clip any more. Once this thing is closed, it stays there forever".

Herbert Nitsch, 30 time World Record holder, wearing the Trygons nose clip
Photo courtesy of Alexander Sarasitis

What is a Nose Clip?

When diving recreationally, most divers use one hand to pinch their nose while equalizing, exerting effort and creating drag. When diving competitively, freedivers optimize their streamline by pinching their nose with a nose clip instead: this frees up both arms, which can then be extended above their heads in a perfect arrow shape.

Nose Clip Shape: Round vs. Ergonomic

Until now, the main type of nose clip had a round nose-plate. This created a problem: for the round nose plate to fully block the nostrils, it had to be quite big – but a big nose-plate cannot be pushed very far up the nose because it gets blocked by the nasal bone. This can cause the round nose clip to slip off.

The new Trygons nose clip has an ergonomic nose-plate: the nose plate follows the shape of the nasal bone. This means that the nose clip can be pushed higher on the nose and sit firmly. The Trygons ergonomic nose clip is high enough that it can’t slip off.

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Nose Clip Material: Plastic vs. Aluminium

Most nose clips are made of plastic - plastic can flex a bit when you try to tighten them around your nose. This makes it hard for them to get a good grip on your nose. The Trygons aluminium nose clip keeps its shape for perfect grip. It is padded with felt for comfort.

Nose Clip Closure: Ratcheting vs. Smooth

Most nose clips have a ratcheting or “step” closure. This makes them difficult to adjust – often one step is too tight and painful, and the other step is too loose. The Trygons nose clip has a smooth closure that adjusts the clip pressure perfectly to your nose.

Trygons Nose Clip Features

  1. Shaped to fit as close to the nasal bone as possible, perfect for deep equalization
  2. Made of machined aluminium, it is completely inflexible for a firm grip on your nose
  3. Smooth closure mechanism, for perfect hold pressure
  4. Completely unbreakable, to avoid last-minute panics in competition
  5. Stylish silver design
  6. Includes lanyard

How To Adjust Your Trygons Nose Clip

  1. The correct position on the nose can be seen in Pictures 1 and 2 below. The fixed side should be on the left, while the sliding mechanism should be on the right. Orient the nose clip so that the lower part is as close as possible to your upper lip.
  2. In order to release it from your nose, use one hand to press the lower notch of the sliding mechanism against the outermost corner of the slide as in Picture 2.
  3. Rinse and dry your nose clip at the end of your diving day.

Herbert Nitsch, 30 time World Record holder, demonstrating correct Trygons
nose clip position.
Photo courtesy of Alexander Sarasitis

Trygons aluminium nose clip
(photo courtesy of Alexander Sarasitis)