The Lynx air-integrated computer:
Be Omniscient!

Imagine a dive computer that can reliably track diver air supply and directional location within the unprecedented range of 100m/330 ft… without pairing challenges, or lost signals due to HID or strobe lights:

The Liquivision Lynx Air Integrated Computer allows you to monitor your own air supply, and your buddy’s air supply and directional location – within 100m/330ft.

Dive Masters can monitor up to 9 students' air supply and get a directional indication of the students' location using the Liquivision Lynx Omniscient Dive Master Kit


Your dive charter guests can always find their way back to your boat with the Liquivision Lynx Location Transmitter dramatically improving dive charter safety



The Liquivision Lynx Dive Computer is the 2013 Editor's pick by the Sport Diver Magazine

Dive Enlightened Lynx

Lynx Air-Integrated Dive Computer

The Lynx retails for $1249 USD 999

The U-2 Transmitter retails for $649 USD 449

The Lynx and Transmitter together retail for $1,749 USD 1399

The Lynx and Transmitter Kit retails for $1,949 USD 1649
(Lynx, U-2 Transmitter, PC Interface, Protective Shield, Charger Kit and 3-Battery Pack)

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