Liquivision Fluid Goggles - The Original Fluid Goggles

What are Fluid Goggles?

Fluid Goggles are swim goggles filled entirely with saline solution and fitted with special lenses so you can see underwater with no air space in front of your eyes.

While they are mostly used by freedivers, they can also be used by scubadivers as a mask backup.

What is the difference between diving with a regular mask and Fluid Goggles?

When you are freediving on a single breath, air is a precious commodity. With Fluid Goggles, you will no longer need to waste precious air to equalize your mask during your dive, and leaving you more air to dive and equalize deeper than ever before. Nor will you ever worry about mask squeeze or mask flooding, as Fluid Goggles are already filled with saline solution. Having water on your eyes will enhance your apnea reflex and give you an even better feel for the water. And for whatever you are doing underwater, you’ll never need a hand to equalize. Just use a noseclip, like the Trygons Noseclip (to be exclusively distributed in North America by Liquivision from August 1, 2010).

Fluid Goggle History

Fluid Goggles were invented in 1988 by Eric Fattah, and he shipped the first units to customers in October of that year. He developed the Fluid Goggles in an effort to create equipment that would help him set a new freediving World Record in the Constant Weight discipline. He finally achieved his goal in August 2001, when he set a new CWT World Record of -82m while wearing Fluid Goggles. His most recent performance while wearing Fluid Goggles was in April 2010, when he set a new North American CWT Record of -100m.

Nirvana Classic Fluid Goggle Information:

  • More than 15 world freediving records have been set with these famous classic Fluid Goggles
  • Nirvana Classic goggles have clear lenses (satisfying AIDA rules for competitions).
  • They make a great backup vision device for scuba divers, in case of a lost mask.
  • They fit in the small BC pocket.

Want to know more? Read the Fluid Goggles manual for Nirvana Classic.

Freediver (by Christopher Morey)
Fluid Goggles (by Tony Land)

  • The Nirvana Classic Fluid Goggles have been discontinued. Please note the goggles may not be exactly the same as on the picture.
  • Availability: Discontinued

Goggles only for $195

Goggles Kit for $249
(Noseclip and Fluid Goggles)

Freediving Kit for $699
(Noseclip, Fluid Goggles, Oximeter, and Spirometer.)