PLEASE NOTE: Software for the X1 is sold separately. Liquivision only manufactures the X1 Hardware. To review the X1 Hardware User Manual click here.

Any questions regarding user functionality will be answered in the software user manuals distributed through the software provider.
Please click below to get redirected to the website of the software provider to download the User Manuals for V-Planner or for Multideco

General Information

Where can I download the drivers for my X1?

All the required drivers can be found here.
These drivers are also built into the V-Planner and Multi-Deco software programs so when you download and install these programs, you automatically download and install the correct drivers.

How deep can I dive the X1?

The X1 may be submerged to a maximum depth of 180 metres (590 feet). Any submersions or pressurizations beyond this depth will void the warranty.

How long does my X1 battery last?

The X1's battery lasts approximately 35hrs in dive-mode (underwater mode). It is rechargeable and can be expected to last for up to 10 years.

How do I charge the X1?

Please follow the steps below in the correct order:

  1. Start by connecting the Attachment to the X1 by using thumb screws.
  2. Screw each thumb screw a little at a time evenly to maintain proper alignment.
  3. Once the Attachment and X1 are connected, you can then connect the AC Adapter to the Attachment and the wall power source. Use the correct plug adapter if needed.
  4. Your X1 should automatically start charging once the Attachment and AC Adapter are connected.
  5. The display will show a “charging status” – how it appears will depend on the 3rd party software you have installed on the X1.
  6. Charging should take approximately 4-6 hours.
  7. When the X1 is finished charging, FIRST disconnect the power, THEN remove the attachment from the X1.
Please note that it is recommended to keep your X1 on the charger at all times when it is not in use (especially over the long winter months) as this will help keep the battery in pristine condition.

Where can I purchase an X-link to connect my X1 to my rebreather

The X-link has been discontinued. However you can still use your X1 with a rebreather using fixed PO2 setpoints.
Also we are working on wireless live PO2 readouts for the Xeo.

What's included with the purchase of an X1?

The X1 comes with a multifunction attachment for charging and PC connection, an AC adapter, four international plugs, a USB cable, and a depth compensating strap. However, deco software is sold separately. Please see our software page for more information.

What accessories are available for the X1?

We have various accessories for your X1 which you can purchase through your Liquivision dealer. These accessories include:

  • DSS Bungee Mount
  • Car Charger
  • Zagg invisible shield (full body and screen only)
  • International Charger Kit
How does the X1 compare to the Xen or the Xeo?

The X1 is our expedition grade trimix/ccr computer. The Xeo is our tec-rec trimix/ccr computer and the Xen is our bottom timer.
To get more information about the main features and differences of our units you can review our comparison chart here.

X1 Troubleshooting

I have not used my X1 for a few weeks and now it appears to be completely dead -what can I do?

If you have not charged your X1 for two or more weeks then it is most likely that your X1 battery is drained. To revive your X1 you can do the following:

  • Scrape the steel contacts on the unit with a sharp object (e.g. a screwdriver) until they are shiny and clean, taking care not to scrape the anodizing between the contacts.
  • Once the contacts are nice and shiny, connect the unit to AC power and reset it 5-10 times repeatedly. It should beep and show signs of life.
  • Next charge your unit for 24 – 48 hours. While charging, reset the unit occasionally to help wake it up from its deep sleep.

If your unit is not waking up from taps or by wetting the water contacts and it should have battery life remaining then you can try the following which may revive your unit:

  • Scrape the steel contacts on the unit with a sharp object (e.g. a screwdriver) until they are shiny and clean, taking care not to scrape the anodizing between the contacts. It may be that your attachment is not connecting to the unit properly due to some residue left on the units’ contacts.
  • Once the contacts are nice and shiny, connect the unit to AC power and reset it 5-10 times repeatedly.
  • Next install the most recent version of V-Planner or Multi-Deco on your X1.

    Please note that as your unit may be in an illegal state the “test connection” stage on the software installation wizard may not cause your unit to beep. Simply proceed to the next step on the installation wizard.

My X1 doesn't wake up -how do the various standby settings work?

The X1 has a standby time in which the unit is able to be woken up by both taps and water contact. The X1 has 2 water sensors (the steel blocks), located on the top and bottom of the v5 X1, and on the right hand side of older hardware versions.

Once this standby time has elapsed the unit will enter shutdown mode and can only be woken up by its water contacts.

To adjust your unit's standby time, enter into the unit's X1 Settings -> Clocks, Calibrate -> Display Times -> Standby Time. You can make standby time an hour, 2 hours etc. or set it to "Standby Always".

If you are having trouble with the water sensitivity of your unit you can set your unit's standby time to always which deactivates the water sensors and allows your unit to always be woken up by taps.

Please note that setting your standby time to always will allow your X1 to shut down even if the contacts are wet and will use more battery life. With this setting we recommend leaving your X1 on the charger when not in use to avoid having the battery die and also waking the unit up with taps, prior to starting your dive descent.

My X1 doesn't wake up -how does the water sensitivity setting work?

The default water sensitivity setting is Low so if you are having trouble waking up your unit by wetting the contacts you may wish change the sensitivity to High.

You can adjust your X1’s water sensitivity settings in the X1 Hardware menu by entering into X1 Settings -> Clocks, Calibrate -> X1 Hardware and then select Water Sensitivity.

X1 & Tank Valve (by Kenneth Kopp)