FAQ: Kaon

If you have any questions regarding your Kaon or encounter any problems please also review the Kaon User Manual

General Information

How do I retrieve the unlock PIN of my Kaon?

If you have lost the unlock PIN of your Kaon and need to re-enter it (e.g. after a software update) you can retrieve it by logging in at Update Owner Info. You will need to provide your email address, the password you chose when registering your unit as well as your unit's serial number. You will then be able to see your PIN at the very top above your contact information.

What kind of batteries does the Kaon use and where can I get them?

All Kaons can use 3.6V lithium 17335M disposable batteries as well as 3.6V lithium ICR16340 rechargeable batteries.

You can purchase all those batteries at your local Liquivision Dealer. If you do not live near to a Liquivision Dealer you can also order them from our webstore.

How long will my battery last?

The ER17335M batteries can provide up to 92 hours of dive time with your unit (low brightness, green font, battery used within a month of initial use), although 40-60 hours is more typical.

The life of your battery greatly depends on various factors such as the colours you choose, the brightness and refresh rate you set your display to, the water temperature etc. You can find a detailed overview on the factors that influence your battery life and how to optimize it on our battery information page.

How do I replace my unit's battery?

Please watch this instructional film on how to replace your unit's battery.

When should I replace the O-Ring that is around the battery cap?

Every time when you replace your battery you should inspect the O-Ring as well. If the O-Ring looks dry or cracked you should replace it. You can find detailed instruction on how to replace your O-Ring in our instructonal film.

How can I update my unit's software if I do not have a PC Interface?

If you do not have a PC Interface but still want to update your software you have two options. You can either purchase a PC interface from your local Liquivision Dealer or from our webstore.

Alternatively you can go to your local Liquivision Dealer who will be able to update your unit for you. Please note that updating your unit may delete your dive log.

How deep can I dive my Liquivision Kaon?

The Kaon is CE tested and certified to a depth of 200 meters (656 feet). Any submersions or pressurizations beyond this depth will void the warranty.

What does the Kaon come with?

The Kaon comes with straps attached, as well as a bungee which you can install yourself. In addition to that you will find a quick start guide inside the box as well as two batteries for your unit (the unit only needs one battery, but we included two so you already have a spare one).

What are the main software features of the Kaon?

The Kaon has many convenient software features for recreational air and nitrox divers:

  • 3 modes: Rec mode, Tec mode and Gauge mode
    • Rec: 1 gas (air or nitrox 21-40%)
    • Tec: 3 gases (air or nitrox 21-100%)
    • Gauge: Depth, time and stopwatch
  • NDL calculator
  • Dive Planner and Dive Simulator
  • Deep stops with adjustable conservatism
  • Resettable average depth
  • Dive logging
  • Intuitive tap based navigation
  • Choice of sceen colors and layouts
How long is the warranty on the Kaon and what do I do if my unit breaks during the warranty period?

We offer a two year warranty on the Kaon. If you have problems with your unit you can contact your dealer who will be able to help you or you can contact us directly. If your unit is out of warranty you may still contact us and we might be able to help you and repair or replace your unit for a fee.

My Kaon display is suddenly very dim and dark green. What should I do?

This is an emergency feature of the Kaon which kicks in when the battery is about to die. All you have to do is replace the dead battery with a fresh one, and your Kaon display will return to normal.

How does the Kaon compare to the X1 or the Xeo?

The Kaon is our full-color OLED recreational dive computer. The Xeo and the X1 on the other hand are technical trimix/ccr computers.
To get more information about the main features and differences of our units you can review our technical brochure and our recreational brochure.

Kaon Troubleshooting

At the end of the installation process I see six "PASS" and one "FAIL" in the uploader.

When updating your unit's software you should either see seven "PASS" or six "PASS" and one "FAIL" at the end of the uploading process followed by "resetting your dive computer". In both cases your software will have installed properly and everything should work just fine.

To verify that the install succeeded pick up your unit, enter the main menu, and go to Preferences->Status, and the software version should be the same as the version that you tried to install (e.g. 1.08).

I am having trouble connecting my Kaon to my PC or Mac.

When connecting your unit to your Mac or your PC whether for updating the software or for downloading your dives please make sure that:

  • If you have a PC: The drivers and our software is installed.
    If you have a Mac: Our software is installed on your Mac (no need to install the drivers)
    You can find download and installation instructions here.
  • Your unit is aligned properly with your PC Interface
  • Your unit's battery is not empty
  • If it doesn't work immediately, rearrange the unit and the PC Interface a little and try again
I am having trouble updating my Kaon's software.

If you have trouble updating your unit's software please make sure you followed the steps outlined above. If you are still having trouble we compiled documents with detailed instructions for PC Owners and for Mac Owners.

I am having trouble downloading my dives.

When downloading your dives please make sure you follow the procedure outlined above under questions 2 and 3.

Also when initiating the download of your dives you have to tap into your unit and select "Connect to PC" in the main menu. After that place your unit on your desk and align it properly to the PC Interface. You have about 20 seconds from when you tapped "Connect to PC" to start the download process on your computer. If you take too long the operation will timeout and you will have to try again.

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