FAQ: General

Where can I purchase a Liquivision dive computer?

To purchase any of our products, please visit our order page and select your local dealer. If you want to purchase a Xen, a Xeo or a Kaon you can also use our webstore to place your order.

How long is the warranty on a Liquivision computer?

The warranty on a Liquivision X1 is 1 year (battery warranty is 3 years).
On a Liquivision Xeo, Xen, Kaon, Lynx & Transmitter it is 2 years.

What happens to the warranty if I purchase a Liquivision dive computer second hand?

If you purchase a Liquivision dive computer second hand, please obtain a copy of the original owner’s purchase receipt for warranty purposes. If you are unable to obtain the receipt, we will consider the warranty period to begin the day the product was purchased directly from us.

I am having problems with my Liquivision dive computer. What should I do?

If you are having problems with one of your Liquivision products, please review the FAQs and Troubleshooting section for your unit as well as the user manuals.

X1 FAQ and X1 Manual
Xeo FAQ and Xeo Manual
Xen FAQ and Xen Manual
Kaon FAQ and Kaon Manual

If you cannot find an answer there you may either contact the dealer from whom you purchased the unit, or contact us directly. When contacting us directly, please include the serial number and firmware version of your unit as well as a detailed description and/or picture of the problem. We are devoted to providing prompt customer service and will be in touch with you within 1 to 2 business days to resolve this issue. Please note that, in the event of repair or replacement, you may be asked to provide a receipt of purchase.

How do I become a Liquivision Dealer?

Glad to hear you are interested in carrying Liquivision Products! Please visit the Dealer Zone page for further information on joining the Liquivision Team.

Which of your computers is right for me?

We currently sell four dive computers: the Liquivision Lynx air integrated dive computer, the Liquivision Xeo tec-rec trimix/ccr computer, the Liquivision Xen bottom timer and the Liquivision Kaon air and nitrox recreational dive computer. All computers come with a brilliant OLED display as well as our patented, intuitive tap navigation and ultra-reliable ceramic pressure sensors.

To get more information about the main features and differences of our four units you can review our technical brochure and our recreational brochure.