Best Skins Ever Protectors for the Enlightened Computers

Are you afraid that the screen or the casing of your Enlightened Computer might get scratched? Here is the solution:

Best Skins Ever, who are making protectors for various electronic gadgets, including the iPhone and iPad, have now released two custom-designed skins for the Liquivision Enlightened Series!

The Skins come in two parts- one part covers the screen of your Enlightened Series Computer, the other one wraps around the plastic casing, rendering your unit virtually scratch proof! Two versions, one for the LYNX and one for the XEO/XEN/KAON computer are available.

To order a Best Skins Ever Protector for your Liquivision Computer, please contact your local Liquivision dealer.

Best Skins Ever protector for LYNX dive computer, courtesy of Best Skins Ever

Best Skins Ever protector for XEO, XEN and KAON, courtesy of Best Skins Ever

  • The Best Skins Ever protector retails for $45 CAD
  • Availability: IN STOCK

LYNX Scratch Protector

XEN/XEO/KAON Scratch Protector

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