PC Interface

Compatible with the Dive Computers of the Enlightened Series (XEO, XEN, KAON and LYNX)

Want to upload the newest decompression software update onto your Computer? Download your divelogs from your Unit? The PC Interface is for you.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac-OS, the PC Interface connects easily to your computer by USB. Place it on your desk, line up its infrared window with the appropriate window on your Dive Computer and you are ready to go.


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac-OSX
  • Allows downloading of your dive logs to your computer
  • Allows updating/upgrading of your Enlightened Computer software
  • Wireless/optical interface with your Enlightened Computer
  • Mini-USB cable included


For more information and to download drivers, the Liquivision dive logger and any firmware updates, please click here.


To order a Liquivision Enlightened PC Interface, please contact your local Liquivision dealer.

We also require that you visit the Xen Manual and Legal page before purchasing, as it includes information relating to the Enlightened PC Interface.

Enlightened PC Interface

  • The PC Interface retails for $100 CAD
  • Availability: IN STOCK

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