Batteries for the Enlightened Computers

Important Note: Liquivision ONLY guarantees performance of batteries purchased from Liquivision or our authorized dealers. Other batteries with similar labelling may provide less dive time or not work at all. Their dive time remaining may not be correctly interpreted by your unit, and this may lead to inaccurate battery indicator readings. Also, some may have a protection circuit that causes them to shut off abruptly underwater.
Liquivision is not responsible for any damage to your unit or injury to yourself caused by use of other batteries.

Battery Options and Battery Life for our Transmitters

Battery Options

There are several battery options for our transmitters.

Liquivision T1 Tank Transmitter (until Jan. 2014):

The Liquivision T1 Tank Transmitter is compatible with the same batteries as our enlightened computers:

  • disposable ER17335M batteries
  • rechargeable LFP 123A 3.2V (K2 Energy)

Liquivision U-2 (formerly known as T2) Tank Transmitter (since Jan. 2014):

The Liquivision U-2 (formerly known as T2) Tank Transmitter is compatible with the same batteries as our enlightened computers:

  • disposable ER17335M batteries
  • rechargeable LFP 123A 3.2V (K2 Energy)

as well as the following batteries

  • disposable ER26300M batteries
  • rechargeable IMR18350 batteries

Additionally an extension kit for the U-2 can be purchased which includes

  • a larger battery top
  • a charger
  • and two rechargeable IMR26500 batteries

In order to use the ER17335M or the LFP123A batteries with your U-2 you will have to use the black spacer included with your transmitter.

To use the IMR18350 batteries you will have to use the white spacer included with the purchase of an IMR18350 2-pack.

The ER26300M batteries as well as the IMR26500 batteries fit directly into their respective battery caps. No spacer is necessary.

Liquivision L1 Location Transmitter:

The Liquivision L1 Location Transmitter is compatible with

  • rechargeable IMR26500 batteries

Two IMR26500 batteries as well as the corresponding charger is included with the purchase of a Liquivision L1 Location Transmitter.

Battery Life

The battery life is hard to predict and a lot of external factors (e.g. water temperature) play a significant role.
However here is a rough guideline:

T1 Tank Transmitter Battery Life
  • BLUE, disposable ER17335M: 30 hrs
  • LFP 123A, rechargeable: 12 hrs per charge
U-2 (formerly known as T2) Tank Transmitter Battery Life
  • BLUE, disposable ER26300M: 50 hrs
  • BLUE, disposable ER17335M: 25 hrs
  • RED, rechargeable IMR26500: 40 hrs per charge (ONLY WITH U-2 EXTENSION KIT)
  • RED, rechargeable IMR18350: 15 hrs per charge
  • LFP 123A, rechargeable: 10 hrs per charge
L1 Location Transmitter Battery Life
  • RED, rechargeable IMR26500: 11 hrs per charge

Battery Options for our Enlightened Computers
There are several battery options for the Enlightened Series Computers.

Disposable Batteries:

Liquivision sells two different disposable battery types, dependent on the battery holder:

  • ER17335M (compatible with WHITE battery holders (all Kaon, Lynx computers and T1 transmitters and Xeo, Xens units #1250 and up and units with an upgraded battery holder)
  • ER14335M (compatible with BLACK battery holders in Xen and Xeos ONLY, units #0-1250)
  • NOTE: ER17335M offers about DOUBLE the battery life vs. the ER14335M

Rechargeable Batteries:

Compatible with WHITE battery holders (all Kaon, Lynx computers and T1 transmitters and Xeo, Xens units #1250 and up and units with an upgraded battery holder)

  • LFP 123A 3.2V (K2 Energy)
  • (DISCONTINUED) LiFeP04 3.2V (Tenergy)
  • (DISCONTINUED) This battery has been discontinued since April 2013 and was replaced with the LFP123A battery.
  • NOTE: Rechargeable batteries offer shorter dive spans, but can be recharged up to 1000 times.

To order spare batteries for your Enlightened Computer, please contact your local Liquivision dealer.

We also require that you read the battery change procedure in the computer's manual or view the Battery Change Video before changing your battery, as battery compartment flooding and possible resulting unit damage is not covered by the Warranty. If you have any hesitations about changing the battery yourself, you can ask your Dealer to do so for you.


NOTE: There are several different types of rechargeable batteries compatible with your enlightened computer. However, not all of them use the same type of charger.

  • LiFeP04 and LFP123A batteries (sold as of April 2013) use the following WHITE charger
  • The discontinued ICR16340 batteries use the following BLACK charger

Using the incorrect charger for your rechargeable batteries can cause permanent damage to the batteries!

EXPLOSION HAZARD: NEVER try to charge disposable batteries.

Please note that only ER14335M, ER17335M, LFP123A, LiFeP04 and ICR16340 batteries are authorized for use with your computer. ER14335 or ER17335 batteries (no M) are NOT compatible. Only the batteries contained in Liquivision battery packs can be guaranteed to perform to Liquivision standards.
As of April 1st, 2013, ICR16340 and LiFeP04 (Tenergy) batteries are no longer being sold in battery packs. They have been replaced by the LFP123A (K2) batteries.

We strongly recommend always having a spare battery on hand, since spare batteries have a long shelf life and do not require any special storage environment (just dry and away from direct sunlight or heat).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Only O-rings from battery packages with a white-dashed border (sold since May 30th 2013) are compatible with the T1 transmitters! O-rings from earlier packages do not fit the transmitter and could lead to leakage.

You should inspect your battery cap O-ring with every battery change. Check for cracking, damage or dirt. If you choose to replace your O-ring, always make sure to clean the battery cap properly to remove any residue that may prevent a good seal and to lubricate the new O-ring with silicone O-ring lubricant.

Spare batteries and charger kits are sold as follows:

Disposable Battery 3-Pack

  • 3 disposable batteries (ER14335M or ER17335M)
  • 3 spare O-rings
  • 1 resealable tube of O-ring lubricant
  • Dealers can buy 5 Battery 3-Packs for a discounted price.

Recharger Kit

  • Charger
  • AC Adapter with international plug adapters
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (LFP123A)
  • 5 spare O-rings
  • 1 resealable tube of O-ring lubricant

Rechargeable Battery 2-Pack

  • 2 rechargeable batteries (LFP123A)
  • 5 spare O-rings
  • 1 resealable tube of O-ring lubricant

Important Notice on Battery Life Indication

Battery life is shown by the battery indicator on your Enlightened Computer.

  • A Green indicator means that you have enough battery power to complete a normal 2 hour dive. The safest way to perform a long dive (5+ hours) is to insert a fresh battery prior to the start of your dive.
  • A Yellow indicator means a battery change is strongly recommended.
  • A Red indicator means that you must immediately change your battery.

You should always check the battery life remaining on the surface, prior to beginning your dive, by briefly entering simulator mode with your unit. Your Enlightened Computer uses more power in dive mode than in surface mode. It may show a green indicator in surface mode, but a yellow one in dive mode and you can check this by starting a dive simulation.

The discharge curve of lithium ion batteries is very flat, with a very sudden drop-off, which means three things:

  • It is hard to estimate level of charge: The battery shows a steady 3.6V for most of its life - there is no slow battery voltage decrease that can inform your Dive Computer about the amount of power that has been used and the amount of power left.
  • It is hard to estimate the amount of time left. Even if your Dive Computer knew exactly how much battery power is left, it is still hard for your unit to judge how much dive time is left. Dive time will be greatly affected by user settings such as screen brightness and colors.
  • Once the battery voltage starts to drop, it drops fast. Your Dive Computer will stop functioning entirely once the voltage drops below 2.90V. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the Yellow battery indication - it means there is really very little time left!

Battery Life Times and Life Time Optimization

Estimated life times of the rechargeable batteries and the disposable battery ER17335M using standard settings can be found here. More detailed information about life times concerning the disposable batteries ER17335M and ER14335M is listed here. In general, ER17335M batteries provide 40-60 hours diving time, while ER14335M batteries allow 20-30 hours. The rechargeable LFP123A batteries usually provide 15-20 hours of dive time and can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

The settings you choose on your Dive Computer have a drastic effect on battery life- it will change by a factor of six or more based on settings. In general, using the simple layout, all green colors, a slow refresh rate and the stop watch off gives you the longest dive time (see also here).
However, to get the most out of a battery it is critical that you understand how your settings affect battery life.

1. Brightness

Brightness has the biggest effect on battery life. As a general rule, HIGH brightness gives you HALF the battery life compared to MEDIUM brightness. Similarly, MEDIUM gives you HALF the battery life of LOW. This means that LOW brightness gives you FOUR TIMES more battery life than HIGH brightness. One way to optimize screen brightness is to use our AutoDim feature, that allows high brightess on the surface and progressively dims the display as you get deeper and the water gets darker. For more information, please see our (Xen User Manual)

2. Colors

Colors have a dramatic impact as well. Primary colors (pure green, pure red, dark blue) consume the least battery power. Compound colors such as yellow, orange, and gray burn more battery power. Compound colors that require all three colors, such as light blue and light gray, burn the most battery power. You should use compound colors with caution.

3. Refresh rate

The refresh rate changes how fast information is updated on the screen. It has two settings, "Normal " and "Fast. " If you can use Normal and you don’t notice anything, that is the best choice. If you use Normal and you find that you can see the screen flickering, then use Fast. Also, if you plan on taking any pictures or video of the unit, select Fast.

The Fast refresh rate burns about 20% more battery power than Normal. So battery life on "Fast " is reduced by about 20%.

4. Display mode

The display mode (standard, alternate, simple) has a small effect on battery life. Simple burns the least power. Alternate burns 10-15% more than simple. Standard burns 10% more than alternate.

Further factors effecting battery life:

Water Temperature

Diving in cold water (water temperature below 12°C / 54°F) shortens the life of your battery. We strongly recommend using conservative colors and brightness settings when diving in cold water to maximize your battery life.

Storing time

Storing a battery inside a unit also affects the battery life, as the unit uses power even when it is turned off (see table). If you are not going to use your Dive Computer for one month or more, you should remove the battery during storage.

Battery Holder Upgrades

Liquivision offers the option to upgrade Xeo and Xen units from BLACK to WHITE battery holders.
The upgrade is available directly to customers for $99 in USA/Canada and $129 Internationally.

To purchase a battery upgrade please visit our webstore and select the "Battery Holder Upgrade" option from the Xen/Xeo Extras page.
International customers also have the option to arrange a Battery Holder Upgrade through their dealer. The cost is the same, however, the dealer must collect a minimum of 3 units to arrange the upgrade. To avoid delays of waiting on other units, we urge our customers to contact us directly.

After purchasing the battery holder upgrade please ship your unit (at your cost) to:

Liquivision Products, Inc
Attn: Battery Holder Upgrade
101-2427 Beta Ave
Burnaby BC V5C 5N1

Please make sure to ship your package by trackable post, and declare for customs that it is for repair.

- We will replace your battery holder and give you a free ER17335M 1-Pack
- We will ship your unit back to you, free of charge
- Shipments will occur on the 2nd or 4th Friday of each month

Unit with white battery holder, LFP 123A 3.2V (K2 Energy) rechargeable battery and ER17335M (blue) disposable battery.

Unit with black battery holder and disposable ER14335M battery

  • The ER17335M or ER14335M disposable battery 3-pack retails for $35 CAD
  • The Enlightened Charger Kit (for LFP123A batteries) retails for $100 CAD
  • The LFP123A rechargeable battery 2-pack retails for $44 CAD
  • The ER26300M disposable battery 2-pack (compatible with U-2) retails for $45 CAD
  • The IMR18350 rechargeable battery 2-pack (compatible with U-2) retails for $40 CAD
  • The U-2 Extension Kit retails for $250 CAD

Disposable ER14335M or ER17335M 3-Battery Pack

Enlightened Charger Kit

Rechargeable LFP123A 2-Battery Pack

or Find a Dealer