Liquivision Charger Kit

The Liquivision X1 Charger Kit includes:

  • Multifunction Attachment
  • 4 ft/1.3m USB cable
  • 110V/220V autoswitching AC adapter with four international plugs

The multifunction attachment allows:

  • Recharging of the X1 dive computer
  • Recharging of the X-Link rebreather interface
  • Downloading of dive logs from the X1 dive computer
  • Installing and/or updating software in the X1 dive computer
  • Updating software in the X-Link rebreather interface
  • Uploading user created programs into the X1 dive computer
  • Resetting both the X1 and X-link

Note: these items are all included with your initial purchase of the Liquivision X1 dive computer.

To order a Liquivision Charger Kit, please contact your local Liquivision dealer.

Please read the Liquivision Charger Kit User Agreement and Warranty before purchasing.

For the Charger Kit Hardware User Manual, click here.

X1 Charger Kit (by Tony Land)
Includes: X1 USB/Charger Attachment, AC Power Adapter, International Plugs

  • The Charger Kit retails for $200 CAD
  • Availability: IN STOCK

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