Equalizing Document

Frenzel-Fattah Equalizing Workshop: A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimal Equalizing for Freedivers and Scuba Divers

First published in 2001, the now famous ’Fattah Equalizing Document’ is one of the clearest how-to guides for effective equalization. It contains an explanation of the now ubiquitous ’mouthfill’ equalizing technique which Eric Fattah invented in 1999 and used in August 2001 to break the freediving world record. Today the mouthfill technique is used by virtually all competitive freedivers in the world.

Scuba divers and freedivers all over the world have learned to equalize using this document, and one person with impaired speech even learned how to talk using the document.

The document covers step-by-step methods to learn the Frenzel technique, as well as the mouthfill technique.

Offered for free since 2001, and downloaded by tens of thousands of people, we have now opened up donations for those people who feel they have been helped by this document. Donations will go to the creation of an even greater document containing yet unpublished equalizing techniques that Eric has been developing in the last two years.


Revised Edition 2006: Frenzel Fattah Equalizing Workshop

Translations of 2001 workshop:


Check out this helpful demonstration video:
Frenzel Fattah mouthfill demonstration

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Donations are directed to Eric Fattah personally as a contribution towards his volunteer work in the freediving community, not to Liquivision Products, Inc