Xeo Firmware History

IMPORTANT - Installing new software on your Xeo may reset your unit's memory. For this reason, prior to starting the install, you should make sure:

  1. You have downloaded any dive logs
  2. You have your free Xeo Unlock PIN Code available
  3. If you have RGBM installed these updates will delete your RGBM functionality. If you use RGBM ALWAYS download softare updates from Free Phase Dive.

Xeo Firmware v2.64 (03-July-2014)


  • Minor Improvements
  • New OTU calculation method

Xeo Firmware v2.61 (17-March-2014)


  • Fixed issue with PIN locked-up after battery replacement.
  • User temperature calibration.
  • Extended user time calibration limits.

Xeo Firmware v2.59 (12-Feb-2014)


  • Added support for new CPU chip.

Xeo Firmware v2.58 (20-Sep-2013)


  • Fixed bug which caused unit to get stuck in a loop between the "Waking Up" screen and "Battery Check" screen when battery was under 30% capacity.

Xeo Firmware v2.57


  • Fixed 'Large' display mode bug where Velocity & Stopwatch display would overlap.
  • Improved flash memory retention, so Unlock PIN will never be lost when battery is removed.
  • Fixed bug which prevented set point switching (manual & automatic) which occurred when switching between OC & CCR within the Min. SI Interval.
  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.

Xeo Firmware v2.56


  • Added new battery types: LiFePO4 (Tenergy) & LFP 123A (K2).

Xeo Firmware v2.55

New features and improvements:

  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.
  • Added time-of-day clock display in underwater menu
  • Added large display layout option in gauge mode

Xeo Firmware v2.54

New features:

  • Free CCR mode. No need to purchase or enter CCR PINs. CC mode is unlocked out of the box.
  • New option to reset all colours to factory defaults


  • In OC mode user must manually switch gases. This is implemented to avoid pre-programmed but unwanted autoswitches.
  • User must enter "123" to enter the lock or unlock menu. This is implemented to avoid unwanted menu locks.
  • Scroll bar will change to RED when the menu is locked. This will alert the user of being in LOCK mode.
  • User must set the battery type on first time startup (with not ready to dive warning). This will give correct battery voltage information.
  • Improved unit wake-up.

Xeo Firmware v2.52 (works with DiveLog 1.70 (PC) and 1.71 (Mac))

New features:

  • Gauge Mode

Important Note on Switching Between Gauge Mode & Deco Mode:
In Gauge Mode, surface off-gassing continues when the device is above water. Once the device is under water, all deco calculations are suspended. When switching from Gauge Mode to Deco Mode, the deco information may no longer be accurate, since previous tissue values are used.


  • CCR Set-Point Auto-Switch Fixed. In earlier versions, the CCR set-point auto-switch stopped working after a manual set-point switch was done. This has now been fixed.

Xeo Firmware v2.26

New features:

  • Supports multiple battery types (ER14335M, ER17335M, rechargeable ICR16340)
  • Battery test function adjusted for multiple battery types
  • New advanced battery meter for rechargeable battery
  • Option to display symbolic battery meter or raw volts


  • Battery test function now works correctly even on fresh batteries
  • Multiple ascent rates now work properly
  • Ascent speed now displayed correctly
  • Power failure and battery removal now more safe than before
  • Long term life of flash memory improved to 20+ years
  • Time calibration menu small fixes

Xeo Firmware v1.21

Prior to installing Xeo Firmware v1.12, you MUST install the Erase Utility on your Xeo. The Erase Utility will cause you to lose your PINs, settings and dive logs. Please record or download your dives prior to installing it.

Then, you may install Xeo Firmware v1.21.

New features and fixes in 1.21:

  • Earlier versions of the Xeo software would occasionally give an extremely low and conservative value for the NDL, especially when diving air. This has been fixed.
  • A new battery test function (available in "Preferences -> Battery Test" menu) will cause the unit to perform a special test which takes around 1 minute. This test estimates the number of dive hours remaining on the battery. (NOTE: There is a known issue where this function will not work properly on a very fresh battery, it will display 1.6 to 2.8 hours instead of 16 to 28 hours)
  • A new time adjustment feature (available in "Time/Date -> Calibrate" menu) allows you to fine tune the time-keeping accuracy of the Xeo within seconds per day. All units are time calibrated before leaving the factory. However, over a period of months or years, some units can experience a small drift. The time adjustment menu allows you to manually correct for this if necessary. If using this feature you must read the detailed procedure.
  • It is now possible to change all the Xeo screen colors, including the NDL time.
  • Small issues in the depth graph screen have been fixed.
  • Issues with the simulator ascent/descent rates have been fixed.
  • Changing units from Imperial to Metric (or vice versa) resets fewer items.
  • You can now use the Gas Management function on the dive logger to edit your gasses directly on the Xeo.

Known Issues In 1.21:

  • In simulator mode, with Velocity=ON, ascent velocity will not be displayed properly. This is only an issue with the simulator, it does not occur in real dive mode.
  • Do not set multiple ascent rate alarms (setting a single ascent alarm is OK). When using multiple ascent rate alarms, the unit will not function properly underwater or in simulator mode.
  • The battery test function will show an incorrect value when you insert a fresh battery (1.6 to 2.8h instead of 16 to 28h)

Important Notes Regarding 1.21:

  • Installing version 1.21 will cause you to lose your PINs, settings and dive logs. Please record or download your dives prior to installing it.

Xeo Firmware v2.02 - RECALLED.

Xeo Firmware v1.11

  • EMERGENCY Ascent Mode corrected for Gradient Factors.
  • Improved battery life. Previously, after selecting 'Connect to PC', battery drain when the unit was "off" was higher than normal, affecting overall battery life. This has now been fixed.

Xeo Firmware v1.07 - Should NOT Be Dove - Upgrade To v1.11

  • EMERGENCY Ascent Mode corrected for Gradient Factors.

Xeo Firmware v1.06

  • Version 1.06 adds Gradient Factors, resolves issue with displayed MOD value, and includes other minor fixes.

Xeo Firmware v1.01

  • Version 1.01 includes automatic altitude compensation