Xen Firmware History

IMPORTANT - Installing new software on your Xen may reset your unit's memory. For this reason, prior to starting the install, you should make sure:

  1. You have downloaded any dive logs
  2. You have your free Xen Unlock PIN Code available

Xen Firmware v2.33 (03-July-2014)


  • Minor improvements

Xen Firmware v2.32 (17-March-2014)


  • Fixed issue with PIN locked-up after battery replacement.
  • User temperature calibration.
  • Extended user time calibration limits.

Xen Firmware v2.31 (12-Feb-2014)


  • Added support for new CPU chip.

Xen Firmware v2.30 (20-Sep-2013)


  • Fixed bug which caused unit to get stuck in a loop between the "Waking Up" screen and "Battery Check" screen when battery was under 30% capacity.

Xen Firmware v2.29


  • Fixed 'Large' display mode bug where Velocity & Stopwatch display would overlap.
  • Improved flash memory retention, so Unlock PIN will never be lost when battery is removed.
  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.

Xen Firmware v2.28


  • Added new battery types: LiFePO4 (Tenergy) & LFP 123A (K2).

Xen Firmware v2.27


  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.

Xen Firmware v2.26

New features:

  • New option to reset all colours to factory defaults
  • New display layout: "Large"


  • User must enter "123" to enter the lock or unlock menu. This is implemented to avoid unwanted menu locks.
  • Scroll bar will change to RED when the menu is locked. This will alert the user of being in LOCK mode.
  • User must set the battery type on first time startup (with not ready to dive warning). This will give correct battery voltage information.
  • Improved unit wake-up.

Xen Firmware v2.25

New features:

  • Supports multiple battery types (ER14335M, ER17335M, rechargeable ICR16340)
  • Battery test function adjusted for multiple battery types
  • New advanced battery meter for rechargeable battery
  • Option to display symbolic battery meter or raw volts


  • Battery test function now works correctly even on fresh batteries
  • Ascent speed now displayed correctly
  • Power failure and battery removal now more safe than before
  • Long term life of flash memory improved to 20+ years
  • Time calibration menu small fixes

Xen Firmware v1.22

There are no major issues with Xen 1.13 software. Version 1.22 simply adds some nice-to-have features. New features in v1.22:

  • Dark mode (configure in "Display Settings -> Dark Mode") offers three display options: stealth mode (dark red font for stealth, military and night diving applications), blank mode (turns screen off completely for lights-out cave drills), and dim mode (dims screen for battery conservation).
  • A new battery test function (available in "Preferences -> Battery Test" menu) will cause the unit to perform a special test which takes around 1 minute. This test estimates the number of dive hours remaining on the battery.
  • A new time adjustment feature (available in "Time/Date -> Calibrate" menu) allows you to fine tune the time-keeping accuracy of the Xeo within seconds per day. All units are time calibrated before leaving the factory. However, over a period of months or years, some units can experience a small drift. The time adjustment menu allows you to manually correct for this if necessary. If using this feature you must read the detailed procedure.
  • When resetting the stopwatch, the 'confirm yes/no' menu has been removed, so it is now faster to reset the stopwatch.

Known Issues In 1.22:

  • In simulator mode, with Velocity=ON, ascent velocity will not be displayed properly. This is only an issue with the simulator, it does not occur in real dive mode.
  • The battery test function will show an incorrect value when you insert a fresh battery (1.6 to 2.8h instead of 16 to 28h)

Important Notes Regarding 1.22:

  • Installing version 1.22 will cause you to lose your dive logs. Please record or download your dives prior to installing it. Since Xen 1.22 software only adds 'nice-to-have' features, if you really want to maintain your dive logs, please continue using Xen 1.13 software.
  • If your Xen has software 1.13 on it, your activation PIN will be maintained and the unit will remain unlocked. If you have an older version of software on your Xen (1.10 or earlier), the PIN will be lost and you will need to re-enter your software activation PIN before using the unit. You can retrieve your PIN by logging into your account here.

Xen Firmware v1.13

  • Xen Firmware v1.13 improves battery life. Previously, after selecting 'Connect to PC', battery drain when the unit was "off" was higher than normal, affecting overall battery life. This has now been fixed.

Xen Firmware v1.12

  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Accelerated simulation feature (gives you the option to run through your simulation at x1, x2, x4, x8 and x16 speed)
  • Vertical scrollbar on side of menus, to show you where you are in the menu when it covers more than one screen

Xen Firmware v1.10

  • Version 1.10 includes no new functionality compared to v1.09. However, it will install more reliably. In some cases v1.09 would not install properly and menus or settings would not work correctly

Xen Firmware v1.09

  • Underwater stopwatch menu defaults changed/improved for greater ease of use

Xen Firmware v1.08

  • Dive logging temperature profile/graph fixed
  • Displaying hours:minutes underwater improved

Xen Firmware v1.07

  • Stopwatch now has a default to "always on" so you don't need to manually turn it on

Xen Firmware v1.06

  • Improved ability to detect low battery and deal with low battery situations
  • Added "restricted mode" in order to extend battery life
  • Time of day accuracy improved
  • Depth accuracy over 125m improved (now CE certified to 200m)

Xen Firmware v1.02

  • Fixed minor graphics issues
  • Added PC connectivity
  • Improved stability and accuracy of temperature measurement

Xen Firmware v1.00, first version