Freediving Xen Firmware History

IMPORTANT - Installing new software on your Xen may reset your unit's memory. For this reason, prior to starting the install, you should make sure:

  1. You have downloaded any dive logs
  2. You have your free Xen Unlock PIN Code available
Free Diving Software

Xen Freediving Firmware v2.08


  • Fixed bug which caused unit to get stuck in a loop between the "Waking Up" screen and "Battery Check" screen when battery was under 30% capacity.

Xen Freediving Firmware v2.06


  • Added new battery types: LFP123A & LiFePO4
  • Improved flash memory retention, so Unlock PIN will never be lost when battery is removed.
  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.

Xen Freediving Firmware v2.04

New Features

  • Ability to reset all colours to factory default


  • Improved unit wake-up
  • User must set the battery type on first time startup (with not ready to dive warning). This will give correct battery voltage information.
  • User must enter "123" to enter the lock or unlock menu. This is implemented to avoid unwanted menu locks.
  • Scroll bar will change to RED when the menu is locked. This will alert the user of being in LOCK mode.


Xen Freediving Firmware v2.02 (works with DiveLog 2.07)


  • Fixed temperature update on surface and in dive log.

Xen Freediving Firmware v2.00 (works with DiveLog 2.07)

New features:

  • New underwater screen layouts 'Live Deco' & 'Manual Deco'
  • New dive log Brag Mode screen. Side tap when in the dive log detail screen.
  • All dive time are displayed in MIN:SEC.
  • No Time alarm. New Descent/Ascent depth alarm. Full screen invert flashing.
  • Velocity display in %/s or m/s.


  • Log Period fixed at 0.25 second, Min Dive 0 second, Min SI 0 second.
  • Max Ascent/Descent rates are limited to 6m/s.
  • Ascent Rate Violation message on surface idle screen if velocity is > 5%/s.
  • Display Settings -> Colors -> All U/W Colors will change all underwater colours.