Kaon Firmware History

IMPORTANT - Installing new software on your Kaon may reset your unit's memory. For this reason, prior to starting the install, you should make sure:

  1. You have downloaded any dive logs
  2. You have your free Kaon Unlock PIN Code available

Kaon Firmware v1.21 (03-July-2014)


  • Minor improvements.
  • New OTU calculation method

Kaon Firmware v1.20 (17-March-2014)


  • Fixed issue with PIN locked-up after battery replacement.
  • User temperature calibration.
  • Extended user time calibration limits.

Kaon Firmware v1.19 (12-Feb-2014)


  • Added support for new CPU chip.

Kaon Firmware v1.17 (20-Sep-2013)


  • Fixed bug which caused unit to get stuck in a loop between the "Waking Up" screen and "Battery Check" screen when battery was under 30% capacity.

Kaon Firmware v1.16

  • Fixed 'Large' display mode bug where Velocity & Stopwatch display would overlap.
  • Improved flash memory retention, so Unlock PIN will never be lost when battery is removed.
  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.

Kaon Firmware v1.14

New Features:

  • Fixed "Battery Type" bug which prevented user from changing their battery selection more than once.

Kaon Firmware v1.13

New Features and Improvements:

  • Modified the REC mode algorithm to better suit the typical one-gas, no-decompression recreational dive profile, with two dives completed in quick succession. Kaon REC mode will now offer more generous no-deco times on first dives, similar those offered by PADI dive tables.

    Kaon TEC mode remains best suited to intentional decompression diving, with longer surface intervals, and its focus is on providing optimal deco calculations, rather than maximizing first-dive no-deco time

  • Added new battery types: LiFePo4 (Tenergy) and LFP 123A (K2)
  • Improved wake-up in cold temperatures.
  • Added large display layout option in gauge mode

Kaon Firmware v1.09

New Features:

  • Added "All Colour" reset to "Factory Default"


  • Fixed a "Safety Stop" display colour bug. Changing Remaining Stop colour does not change the "Safety Stop" countdown timer colour.
  • Fixed a display wake up bug.