Meet the Liquivision Team!

Eric Fattah – Founder

Eric Fattah

Eric graduated from Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia in 1999. Always the inventor, he has designed numerous products, including a spectrophotometer, a diving safety system, fluid goggles and the F1/X1 diving computers, and has authored two US patents. He founded Liquivision in 1998.

Eric also holds the North American depth record in freediving, with 104m in the Constant Weight discipline (2011), and is a former World Record holder (82m in 2001). He has made significant contributions to development of freediving equalisation techniques.

Eva Lange – Acting General Manager

Eva Lange

Eva graduated from the University of Potsdam in Germany, with a Master's in Human Geography and Political Science. Eva has a great passion for outdoor and water sports, as well as for electronic gadgets, which prompted her to join Liquivision in February 2011. She brings strong analytical, organizational as well as leadership skills to the team, as well as a European perspective. She speaks fluent German and English, and is also comfortable in French. In her free time, she works as a kayaking instructor and enjoys hiking, mountain climbing and camping with her son Simon.

Doug – Public Relations Manager, Consultant


Doug earned his BA from the University of Washington and his MBA from Seattle University. Since joining us in 2008, Doug brings a strong background in marketing and sales to his position with Liquivision along with a love for our underwater world. Doug is a technical scuba diver, a dive master, and is a REEF level II marine life surveyor. Doug participates in dive exploration, marine conservation data collection, and enjoys diving historic wrecks. When he’s not diving, Doug enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and his children Dylan and Avery.

Carson – Senior Software Engineer

Carson Yuen

Carson earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba. He brings over 22 years of software development expertise to our team, with a strong focus on embedded software. Since joining us in January 2012, Carson has already made significant contributions to the Xen/Xeo software and will be the design force behind the forthcoming Kaon and Lynx! When not making our dive computers do really cool things, Carson enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Scott – Head of Manufacturing

Scott Witzel

Scott earned a degree in Systems Engineering from SFU. He has strong abilities in lean manufacturing, 5S, Poke Yoke and Quality Systems. Along with his solid manufacturing background, Scott has a strong love for the outdoors, particularly the aquatic realm. He is a rescue diver with over 200 dives spanning 5 countries. When not at work harassing his co-workers with terrible puns, Scott spends most of his time catering to his wonderful wife and precious daughter.

Julius – Senior Manufacturing Technician

Julius Casimiro

Julius holds a degree in Electronics and Communication from the Lyceum of the Philippines. He has almost ten years’ experience manufacturing and troubleshooting electronics assembly, and implementing QA procedures. He joined Liquivision in March 2008, and has been the backbone of our manufacturing ever since. He likes to spend time with his wife and young daughters, and is passionate about basketball and entrepreneurship.

Jocelyn – Manufacturing Technician



Hergille – Manufacturing Technician



Juvy – Quality Assurance Technician