Liquivision Products, Inc is a manufacturer of high performance diving equipment, based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Although some product development reaches as far back as 1998, Liquivision was formally founded by Eric Fattah in September 2004. This marked the beginning of a period of intense R&D aimed at designing a top-notch diving computer. The F1 bottom timer was released in April 2005. It was the first dive instrument ever to incorporate an OLED display.

The company incorporated in May 2007, when Margaret Malewski joined as CEO.

The X1 trimix CCR computer was launched in October 2007. In addition to the OLED display, it also featured a revolutionary tap-based user interface, enough processing power to run genuine VPM and Buhlmann algorithms, tiny size and a rechargeable battery.

The X1 launch was soon followed by the X-Link Fischer CCR Interface (October 2008) and the Hardwired X-Link CCR Interface (July 2009) releases.

Liquivision 2.0: The Enlightened Series

In 2011, Liquivision launched the Enlightened series, releasing the Xen bottom timer and the Xeo trimix computer.

In 2012, the company continued to enhance the Enlightened series with the release of the Kaon air/nitrox computer .

With the release of its revolutionary Lynx Air-Integrated Dive computer and T1 Transmitter in 2013, Liquivision continues its tradition of developing the world's most innovative diving computers. An air & nitrox dive computer with directional transmitters, the Lynx is able to not only monitor your own air supply, but your buddy's air supply and directional location.

Revolutionizing dive air-integration, the Lynx Transmitter uses ultrasonic technology to reach distances of up to 330ft/100m. With the Lynx, Liquivision gives divers the ability to "Be Omniscient".

All Enlightened products use OLED technology for bright, easy-to-read color displays, allowing you to "Dive Enlightened".

Liquivision Products, Inc is also the manufacturer of Fluid Goggles, used in freediving.

Liquivision’s youngest owner, Dylan.
Photo by Douglas Marcoux